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Six Factors That Create Unwanted Brass

One of the most common issues we experience when we color our hair is a brassy build up. Its not something that only blondes deal with its something anyone who colors their hair can experience. While there are a ton of different factors that can contribute, I want to share a few popular reasons on why we experience brass and ways to help fight it!


  •  Using the wrong products

Using the wrong products can contribute in a few ways. The wrong products can cause color fade faster, create a build up, change the Ph in your hair and so many more. Picking the right products can be hard when there are so many on the market. A general rule I use is always make sure your products are mineral oil, paraben and sulfate free.  Sulfates are what make your shampoo lather, but it can cause many issues with your hair like quick fading of color, scalp irritation, dryness and in more serious situations, hair loss. Parabens are added into products to prevent growth of fungus but are being linked to  research and commonly found in cancer cells. Mineral oils are added for moisture but can clog pores and create scalp break outs. Switching to products that are free of these ingredients can help prevent product build up. At Meraki Salon, we carry R and Co. products that are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and petrolatum. They're also all vegetarian, gluten free, cruelty free and color safe!

  • Sun

The sun is the number one factor in fading hair and exposing brassiness. Its inevitable for everyone to have sun exposure in the hair so what can we do to help this? Using a UV protectant product daily can help prolong the damage the sun can cause to your hair, think  of it as sunscreen for your hair. My favorite product that can be used daily is R and Co. One

  • Water

Almost everyone has hard water in their homes. Hard water contains things like heavy metals and minerals that can react with the color molecules in your hair, creating brass. At home filtration systems and water softeners can help tremendously.  Here's a link to a few you can find on amazon

  • Oxidation / Air Pollution / Smoke

All of these factors change our hair color by mixing with the chemicals we add in our hair. My two favorite ways to help fight the brass caused by this is by using a purple shampoo weekly and toning your hair every 4-6 weeks. Purple/indigo shampoos have the pigment to fight yellow/orange tones in the hair. Doing this weekly can help cancel out the unwanted tones before the get worse. Toning the hair is like a stronger version of purple shampoo and its a service that should only be preformed at the salon. When your stylist tones your hair they're able to pinpoint what level and underlying tones are presented and can make a personalized formula for your hair to cancel out unwanted warmth. 

  • chlorine/ ocean water 

Chlorine can cause a build up of unwanted color while salt water tends to strip the hair of its color. Chlorine has a tendency to give you a green build up, which cannot be fixed with purple shampoos. Salt water mixed with the sun can expose underlying pigment in hair and stripping the color in your hair. The best way to prevent this is by getting your hair wet with filtered water and the spraying a moisturizing, UV protectant product before getting in chlorine/salt water. Doing so will allow the water and product to fill your hair cuticle before the chlorine and salt can penetrate the hair. 

  • Porous hair

Hair becomes more porous the more open the cuticle is. Think of porous hair like a sponge, is soaks up everything it comes into contact with. Best ways to help fight brass is by balancing the Ph. You can use R and Co. product "one" for this as well which is linked above. Another thing you can do is weekly conditioning treatments, my current favorite is Palm Springs .