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What The Hell Is Balayage?

What The Hell is Balayage

Let's talk about that 'B' word everyone always feels embarrassed to pronounce! Forget all the craziness your brain tried to get you to say and sound it out like bah-lee-ahhh-zhh. The word derives from the French, meaning 'to sweep'. If you've ever seen it done in a salon it'll should all make sense. If not, jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the beautiful low maintenance life! I"ll share some FAQ about balayage from my personal clients! 

Being behind the chair I notice two types of clientele that always ask for balayage. My "I've been foiling on the root highlights since I came out of the womb" clients, and the "I've been dying my hair dark for the past few years, but I'm just ready for a change" clients. Both types of transformations of which I love, love, love! Below I'll walk you through a quick basic scenario of things that happen in the consultation of both types of clients, let's start with my blonde babes.

The first question out of my mouth when my blondies ask for balayage is always, "you realize are going to have roots, right?". Sounds crazy to ask, but if you've already gone through the switch, you get it. It's scary not having your foils so tight that you literally know you're going to get an Instagram notification before your phone even knows. YES, you will have roots! YES, *if done properly* it will be blended! YES, you will fall in love and be a baly-addict! 

"Why does that bleach look like that.. is that normal?"

So, let's get into the serious talk! Balayage is performed with a clay lightener, its different from your basic bleaches. The clay allows your stylist to freehand paint your highlights in the exact place they want them. Where you see your balayage placed while you watch in the mirror is exactly where the lighter pieces will be. (It's a what you see is what you get, kinda thing) When the clay dries out, it no longer lifts (plastic wrap is often used to keep the product wet allowing a longer controlled lift) Which brings us to where the word balayage comes from. 

What The Hell Is Balayage

Like I mentioned before, the word balayage means "to sweep". The clay lightener is applied to the hair in a soft, sweeping motion. Applying it this way allows it to create that soft, sun-kissed look, by not allowing the bleach to penetrate throughout the entire hair strand until the ends!

"What is the maintenance like, do I need to book again in four weeks..?"  

No, no no no no! The joy of balayage is to embrace the lived in, low maintenance look! Once you get the desired color you want, you only need to come when you feel like its grown out TOO much, normally 8-12 weeks for a touch-up! 

Now let's get into the "I think I got balayage... it looks like it but I dunno" question.

I don't know why it seems this way, but my brunettes always seem to be the ones that watch the youtube videos on how balayage is done. Which I love, always educate yourself, and always ask questions. BUT if you've seen balayage done with the clay lightener and your stylist puts your balayage in foils, IT IS OK! 

what the hell is balayage

"Why is my hair in foils..? I specifically booked for balayage."

Nine out of ten times this question comes from a brunette, but like duh, they needed the most lift. With everything in life, there are 4 million ways to reach an end goal, and there's always a method to your madness. You can still get a balayage look in foils. The reason your stylist does this is that using a powder lightener (basic highlighting bleach) normally lifts for a longer amount of time, packing it in a foil conducts heat while keeping the product wet. Keeping the product wet and heated allows the product to continue to lift. Allowing the product to lift to a higher level means, you get lighter in fewer appointments. The circle of hair life, or whateva. 

"So like, how do I tell my friends to book an appointment with you?"

Most frequently asked question after the balayage process is done. Which is rewarding for both parties. Clients are like "omg I loooooveee it thank you so much". Your stylist is like "Yassss queen stand here for 10 more minutes while I take four thousand pictures of your head".  

I hope that sums up your baly questions! Always feel free to Direct message me on social media for any further consultation questions, if you're already ready to book your appointment, just click the button below!

XOXO, Ashley